Competitive Trail Riding is a
sport of horsemanship.  We
compete our equines over
varied terrain covering long
distances.  Our scores are
based on the condition of our
mounts upon completion.
Our ponies excel in CTR much like they
do in all equine sports.  They are
conformationally correct which ensures no
interference down the trail.  As you can
see protective wear is prohibited in this
sport.  Our ponies have to look the same
after the miles as when they were
presented fresh off the trailer.
Connemaras have exceptional
dispositions which makes CTR a
pleasure for us.  Any obstacle, whether it
be bridges, water crossings, ravines, other
live animals, or inclement weather is met with
an agreeable and enthusiastic nature.  It
truly is an escape for us!
After the ride, we present our
ponies again to the judges just
after meeting pulse and
respiration parameters.  
Mounts have to look and act
like they never went out.  

Distance riding is a sport of
partnership.   Most distances
are covered anywhere from 5-7
miles an hour in lieu of
obstacles and difficult terrain.  
Typically a 25 mile ride can
take just over 4 hours to
complete.  That's a lot of time
Ethan and JEF Bonnie Lass won their division at the Burnt Hill CTR with a score of
99.75%!!!!!  Both are ten years old...both won over rider/mount teams that were older with
more experience.  Combined, this team has only 18 months experience in CTR.