Our farm was originally located in the Hudson Valley just outside of Rhinebeck, New York.  It was
situated on 37 secluded acres within a residential area.  The growth in the housing market after 911
motivated us to relocate the farm further Upstate.  Our move North enabled us to be surrounded by
hay fields and Angus cows!  Equidistant from Seneca and Cayuga Lakes,  the area is flooded with
tourist attractions like Wineries, National Parks, Falls, Farmer's Markets, Lake activities, and all that
the Colleges offer in Theaters, Museums, and Exhibitions.  We are as close to the Watkins Race
Track and the Fingelakes Race Track as we are to Cornell Seminars and Tours.   It is quite lovely!

Just up the dirt road, not  a quarter of a mile, is the top of the Back Bone Trail.  This trail is a major
trail in the Fingerlakes National Forrest.  It connects us with miles of other trails and camping sites.  
We enjoy trail riding immensely as a family.    As the kids grow into their ponies, we hope to take
advantage of what the area holds for horse campers and trail riders.  But for right now, while the kids
are small, we benefit greatly by tacking up and hacking up the road to miles of trails...no loss of time in
planning and trailering!

Admittedly, our interests are heavy into children though.  We hope to use the farm to produce a true
to type line of ponies that meet the needs of both the younger and older rider.  Most Connemara
lovers will tell you that some of the best ponies they owned were the ones that they rode as well as
the kids. Their small package and large movement make them the ideal mounts for a wide range of
rider.  A pony bought for a young rider, many times, is also being enjoyed by the parent under saddle.  
Connemaras are a family affair.

Our goal is not to produce the prettiest pony or the fanciest one.  We strive to produce the most
true to type, correct, and tractable pony.  Each line contributes strengths and attributes well suited
for specific riders and sports.  Our mares have been handpicked for conformation as well as forward
movement and easy natures.  We want our foals to be quiet and receptive as well as correct and
athletic.  The Thoroughbred mares that we use for crosses have exceptionally focused dispositions
as well as speed, endurance, and scope over fences.  They are a great asset to our farm adding size
and stature to our stock.  

Farm visits are by appointment and highly encouraged.  The farm has nice warm overnight
accommodations for you to take advantage of on your visit.  If we don't meet you at the end of the
driveway, we promise all the ponies will at the gate!  Be sure to bring extra clothes as you are sure to
be loved on!
Connemara Ponies and Crosses
The Hulle Family