Avelene's  Firnen
Wildwych Give'm Hell Harry
Anni's Jackpot (TB)
Avelene's Morrowseer
Wildwych Wily Casanova
Glenormiston Roscrea
Morrowseer will be Roscrea's last foal for her
career.  He stands 14.3h as an early 2 year
old and will finish overheight.  We love his
strong breed characteristics and easy
nature.  Morrow will be offered for sale this
year either intact or gelded for the buyer
striving to own an oversized athletic pony that
gears toward a steady and enthusiastic
Firnen is a TB/Conn colt.  
Anni was determined to be a
broodmare years before I
planned.  She arranged a
date with an intact two year
old colt planned for gelding.  
He has a lifetime USEF
number but is not registered
with the ACPS.

Owned by Breanne
Firnen has three exceptional
gaits.  His demeanor is what
makes the package
exceptional.  Breeding a
good athlete is every
breeders goal.  Breeding an
athlete motivated to partner
and easily paired to riders
heightens the success.   
Why Dragon names?  Did you know that legend tells us
that dragons choose their riders by hatching from their
eggs only when in the presence of their chosen people?  
Each dragon chose it's rider and thus the loyalty began.
Wildwych Wily Casanova
Soxie's Fifth Ave (TB)
Mireu is Sly's only halfbred offspring to
date.  She is 15h as she approaches her
third year.  She is maturing into a powerful
athlete with pony programming.  She is
offered this year to the buyer interested in
a less complicated mount for oversize tasks.  
She will be able to compete with the big
boys and offer her rider a sense of ease
and predictability.  
Avelene's Draco
Tre Awain Dobh McDuff
Soxie's Fifth Ave

Owned by Karen Steffy