Therapy Reviews
"I started massage school having only ever felt relaxed and
pampered as a result of receiving body work. Which is great, don't
get me wrong! But Kathleen has brought me the healing and
breath and space I never knew I needed. She specializes in injury
recovery and core work-she is one of very few in the area with this
expertise. And it is LIFE-CHANGING!" APM  Dec '15
"Kathleen is a gifted massage therapist. She's incredibly intuitive
and the results of her massages last. I can't recommend her highly
enough!"  CBH  Dec "15
"Kathleen is absolutely incredible. She is amazingly well studied
with an unbelievable intuitive touch. Fantastic work!!!" RA  Nov"15
I received my massage from Kathleen. She was very thorough in her
explanation of her techniques and skills and we spent time talking
about my needs. I had the most relaxing and enjoying hour massage I
have ever had! A.E  
feeling great!
I received a wonderful prenatal massage from Kathleen. She was
able to release tension from my pelvis without the pressure being
"too much" for a sensitive pregnant body. The uplifting grapefruit
infused oil was a nice touch. Very talented and knowledgeable
therapist.  A.P.
Can't wait to go back!
"I was amazed at the knowledge that Kathleen has about how  
everything in the body interacts. She took time find out about me before
discovering what my body might tell her. And the massage? It was
wonderful- or I assume it was- I missed most of it. I left feeling fantastic
and very optimistic that Kathleen can help me. Looking forward to
working with this amazing woman!"  PR Dec 15
If your looking for the greatest therapeutic massage...
"I met Kathleen about one year ago. I had many massages before, all
types, different therapists, over many decades. Kathleen has provided for
me a sense of confidence. Confidence that no other therapist has been
able to provide, a confidence that working together true healing is not only
possible but reality. I can't exclaim loudly enough how very lucky I feel to
have Kathleen as my therapist. Highly recommended. "
C.S.  April '16