The year I turned 40, I finally repaired the labral ligament in my
right shoulder that chronically dislocated. Although the surgery was
a success, I was forced into a midlife career change.  Recovery from
the two orthopedic surgeries in five years led me on an adventure
into alternative therapies for pain relief.  Massage therapy
complimented my physical therapy after surgical repair and offered
the return of full range of motion and stability to my right shoulder!  
Who said we were meant to suffer in silence.  Chronic pain is not an
acceptable existence for anyone at any age.  Today, I find myself
opening up my own Massage Therapy Practice to service clients in
the Trumansburg, Watkins, and Ithaca area.  As a Licensed
Massage Therapist, I now specialize in lower back pain and
shoulder limitations.  My goal is to make you as comfortable in your
body as possible and to return you to the life you love living.