Family Raised
Connemara Ponies
and Pony Crosses
Purebred Connemara Ponies
When you decide to join forces with a Connemara Pony, you are choosing a
breed of pony that has an incredible history with mankind.  They were bred and
raised in Ireland to suit the needs of families farming in the rugged terrains of
Ireland. This pony is hardy, surefooted, extremely intelligent, and versatile in
abilities with incredible stamina.  They are best known for their exceptional
dispositions and adaptability.  An Irish family had the luxury of only one good
pony; a mare that would offer them a foal yearly to sell, a powerful frame to pull a
plow and carry a creel, and an amazing work ethic for long days without rest.  
She was a member of the family.  Connemara Ponies bond strongly with their
people and love to be handled daily.  They are of the largest among the pony
breeds with great ability to carry adults as well as children.   In the United
States, the largest market for The Connemara Breeder is middle aged women.  
Fortunately for the breed and it's stewards, fewer than 100 purebred foals are
born in the United States annually on small family operated farms scattered
across the continent.  In this way, American breeders strive to stay true to type.  
Kathleen M Hulle,
We are one of the few pony farms in the United States that
train, compete and promote Dr. Robert Cook's Patented
Bitless Bridle.